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  1. Christine

    Hi, I’m interested in buying your products as gifts when I received a flyer at WOFEX. I also have a food manufacturing company and I’m trying to check if your price is affordable for my staff’s uniform. May I know how much is your..
    1. Bar Apron
    2. Executive Apron (black)
    3. Skirt Apron
    4. SFC Pro Footwear (black) and
    5. SFC Classic
    6. Blue Polo Shirt with embroidery
    7. Gray Garterized pants
    8. Cargo Pants (black)
    Thank you.

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  2. Alice Miranda

    Hi! I was one of the guest who visited WOFEX last August at the SMX, and i got ur flyer there. Am interested for the crew shoes C(chef shoes) how much do ur shoes cost? I am a student of SKD culinary academy. thanks

    by the way, how can i get in your store? nearest land mark please? if i am at the aristocrat in malate. thank you

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